Keep Cool With a Rustic Ceiling Fan

Copper Canyon Old Forge Ceiling Hugger Fan Barbed Wire and Windows (real barbed wire) in Color C146 with Silver Mica Liner

The days of having to choose between comfort and design are over. Keep cool with a rustic ceiling fan. Today’s ceiling fans are stylish with designer finishes and unique accents. Your rustic ceiling fan will not only keep you cool but will be a centerpiece in the room.

Room size is important when selecting the right size ceiling fan. A professional can determine the perfect size fan to move the maximum amount air in a particular space. Also important is the type of light needed on a fan to enhance a room’s activity or ambiance.

In addition to offering a wide array of choices for your aesthetic tastes, ceiling fans provide significant energy savings. In fact, running a ceiling fan can reduce how cool you feel by as much as eight degrees. Conversely, in the wintertime, a ceiling fan can be reversed to move warm air downward, making you feel warmer.

The bottom line is ceiling fans save energy and provide comfort without sacrificing style. There are literally hundreds of ceiling fan styles with many different blade materials and light fixture designs and colors.


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