Rustic Kitchen Lighting

Rustic Kitchen Lighting

The kitchen is the heart of the home and the rustic style works wonderfully there. The best place to start is with Rustic Kitchen Lighting.

The Rustic Design Style has a pretty broad definition. It places an emphasis on rugged, natural beauty; embracing nature-inspired textures, simple/earthy colors, and ultimately a homey, organic warmth. Within this decor category there are subcategories: industrial rustic, modern rustic, rustic chic, and rustic cabin (to name a few). All this variability is great because the look can be tailored to a more specific detail for each person’s preferences.

The kitchen is the perfect place to bring in the rustic look. Because, who doesn’t want their kitchen to be filled with homey, organic warmth? Of course we think it’s best to start with Rustic Kitchen Lighting. Here are some ideas.

For instant rustic charm go with a lantern. The Copper Canyon Durango Wall Lantern mixes an old fashioned oil lantern with a touch of Victorian charm. These lanterns are hand painted in the U.S. and the etched glass is ideal for LED and fluorescent bulbs. The lanterns are stocked in black or can be painted to order in a wide variety of color options. Depending on what other lighting pieces and accessories are selected, this wall lantern can fit into multiple rustic decor categories.

Leaning more toward the rustic cabin look there is the Copper Canyon Hammered Bar Pendant. We custom make these pieces to match our wall sconces, ceiling fans, ceiling lights and chandeliers. So completing the Rustic Kitchen Lighting look is easy. They come in a wide variety of designs and are highly customizable.

The Copper Canyon Forged Ceiling Light is part of our new line of wall sconces, ceiling lights and pendants. This series offers a rustic look that is very versatile and can be included in many of the rustic styles. The forged and hammered steel bars along with the simple blacksmith worked style makes this piece a natural beauty.

As always, there are so many other options on our website. And if you ever have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us. Make your Rustic Kitchen Lighting a reality with Kiva Lighting.

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