You Light Up My Life

You Light Up My Life

Valentine’s Day is coming up. Give your loved one a gift that’s sure to say, “You Light Up My Life” with a Gift Card to KIVA Lighting!

This Valentine’s Day, think outside the gift or candy box. Sure, chocolates are a delicious treat, but they will soon be gone. And a new piece of jewelry is nice, but usually only worn on occasion.

Instead of the ordinary, give your loved one a truly unique present, a Gift Card from Kiva Lighting. Our quality craftsmanship ensures the choice will last for many years. While the everyday need for lighting will be a continuous reminder of your thoughtfulness. With our online catalog your sweetheart can pick out a piece that will be useful but beautiful as well. They light up your life, so help them literally light up theirs.

Or, maybe you already know what lighting your honey would like. Our vast selection includes table lamps, lighted ceiling fans, outdoor lighting, pot racks and everything in between. If you feel confident picking something out for your valentine, that will just add to the surprise. Our Free Shipping allows you to spend your entire budget on the present you choose.

After giving a gift to your darling, consider the same useful gift for yourself! This is another time of year when the importance of lighting is clear. Setting a romantic mood definitely requires the right lighting. A beautifully set fixture with a dimmer can instantly transform the living room into a cozy setting. Or maybe your amorous plans are set for outside. Sconces or post lighting can add the proper amount of romantic light, avoiding a harsh direct glare.

We think lighting can truly make or break an occasion. We also think that the gift of lighting is genuine and special. Please contact us if we can help in any way.

Kiva Lighting is happy to be your partner in telling your valentine, “You Light Up My Life”!

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