A Not So Basic Barn Bathroom

A Not So Basic Barn Bathroom

The barn decorative theme can easily extend into all parts of your home. This time we’re talking about using it to create A Not So Basic Barn Bathroom.

The rustic nostalgia of the barn look is highly desirable right now. And because it’s so versatile it can be fine tuned to any personal preference. This style can have elements of cowboy/ranch/western, hunting/fishing, or even the industrial look. Add this to the other accessories that appeal to you, and you’ve got yourself an inviting, trendy space.

Kiva Lighting has the following suggestions to get A Not So Basic Bathroom.

Let’s start with the main light source for most bathrooms, the vanity. The Brierfield 4 Light Bath Vanity is a lovely choice. The downward glow will beautifully illuminate the area. And the style is impressive without being imposing. The Brierfield Collection also offers vanity lights with 1, 2, and 3 bulbs, as well as a sconce option. So there is sure to be one to fit any size bathroom. This vanity light would look incredible above a reclaimed wood framed mirror. To complete the look, use small galvanized steel buckets/baskets for toiletries and towels.

For over the bathtub or the commode, an eye-pleasing pendant light could go far in creating that “barn feel.” The Copper Mountain Pendant includes hand-worked, wrought iron metalwork with silver mica glass. This high-quality piece looks as though it came straight from the countryside. It would be a fabulous compliment to the vanity option above, without being overly coordinated.

Sliding barn doors have become a design must recently. Adding one to a bathroom not only provides the rustic look but helps with space issues as well. The Kalco Coronado Wall Light would look wonderful on either side of a sliding barn door or shower area. Some open wood shelves with metal pipe footings will complete the look.

A Not So Basic Barn Bathroom can be yours, with just a few rustic touches and the right barn-look lighting!

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