Bold and Beautiful Bathroom Lighting

Bold and Beautiful Bathroom Lighting
It’s where we go to get ready for the day and come back to again to wash the day away. So make your bathroom feel like a retreat with Bold and Beautiful Bathroom Lighting. Like we always say, the right lighting in the right places can make any space feel comforting and cozy. The bathroom is no exception. Big or small, any bathroom can make a statement. And the place to start is with Bold and Beautiful Bathroom Lighting. Kiva Lighting has talked about bathroom vanity lighting before. But this time we’re going beyond vanity lights with even more Bold and Beautiful Bathroom Lighting options for the entire room. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Bathroom Chandeliers

We wrote about chandeliers in the bathroom last month in our Chandeliers in Unexpected Places post. It’s worth mentioning again because a chandelier over the bathtub or in the middle of the room instantly transform the area into something special. The Craftmade Kenswick Chandelier Series is a great option because it comes in 3 different sizes. So no matter how big or small your bathroom is, one of them is sure to fit.

Bathroom Wall Sconce

Sconces aren’t used all that often in bathrooms, but they should be! A sconce gives off a completely different type of light than one that is overhead. Getting ready for the day or taking a relaxing bath should each have their own distinctive lighting options. A beautiful sconce, in the right spot, can make that happen. The Troy Lighting Academy Wall Sconce is a perfect choice. The candle-like, amber glass shade is warm and inviting. While the hand-chipped metal base provides modern structure. Put this on a dimmer to easily create the right lighting for any time of day. For most bathrooms, a perfectly placed pendant (or two) would add interest and functionality. Again, the light source would be coming from a different height and angle, creating a new feeling in the space. Of course our Copper Canyon Metal Mini Pendants would work wonderfully for this. All pendants are individually cut from 20 gauge steel plates and hand finished to your specifications. With 15 different designs, 12 finish options, and 6 liner choices there is always something for everyone. Let us know how we can help create your Bold and Beautiful Bathroom Lighting!

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