Which Bulbs Should I Use?

Western Bathroom Lighting

Ever ask yourself “Which Bulbs Should I Use?” Finding the right bulb depends on the look you are trying to achieve. It also depends on what style of lighting you will be using.

1: Silver Bowl

A metallic finish on the top half of the bulb softens the light. A great solution for overheads with exposed bulbs, especially if there isn’t a dimmer.

2: Soft Pink

Emits a gorgeous, rosy glow. Perfect for mood lighting in the living room, the dining room, or a bedroom. Once you switch, you’ll never go back.

3: Round Candelabra

Try these in a modern chandelier. Or, for a surprise, swap them in for the flame-shaped bulbs in a traditional chandelier.

4: Edison

Inspired by Thomas Edison’s original design, it has a visible filament and a rustic glow. Pricey and low-wattage, it’s worthwhile only in lamps where the bulb is exposed.

So, whether you are shopping for bathroom lighting, living room lighting, dining room lighting, or just for decorative purposes, we can help you decide which bulb will work best!

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