Easy Lighting Tips

Easy lighting Tips

It only takes a few minutes to make some drastic looking changes! Try some of these easy lighting tips to change the look of the lighting in your home.

  1. Replace light bulbs. If you want to save energy, pick an LED bulb.
  2. Instead of dimmers and switches, use smart home options. This is easier than you may think!
  3. Change out lamp shades. You could try different textures like linen. Don’t be afraid to mix different styles and textures.
  4. Install a new light fixture. This could be something small such as wall sconces or go bigger with a chandelier.

Create a unique look with a statement piece.  If you have found the perfect lighting but it’s too small for your space, try hanging multiple pieces. Experiment with hanging them at different heights to give it your own unique look.  If you are not sure what best suits your space, consult a lighting professional. You can still create your own style but with a little guidance from us!

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