How to Choose the Right Rustic Chandelier

Just about any space of the home can be enhanced by a chandelier. But picking the perfect one can be daunting. Here is How to Choose the Right Rustic Chandelier.

It used to be that chandeliers were used almost exclusively in dining areas. Now designers and homeowners are putting them everywhere! And we could not be happier about this trend. However, picking the right one can sometimes be intimidating. Rustic Lighting and Fans by Kiva Lighting has these helpful tips for How to Choose the Right Rustic Chandelier:

1) Style

The best thing about a chandelier is that it’s a great way to make a big impression of your personal style. Rustic is still all the rage, and even within that category there are so many variations. Also consider the type of light bulb and/or shade (if using) when making a design plan. What’s important is to pick the chandelier and accessories that bring you joy.

2) Dimensions

Too big and it will overwhelm, too small and it will look silly. An important part of How to Choose the Right Rustic Chandelier is paying attention to size. Measure the space and then pay close attention to the size of the fixture before you order.

3) Hanging Height

This will vary depending on what room the chandelier is in and what is underneath it. For example, in a dining area the bottom of the chandelier should be 28″ – 34″ above the table. Where ever it hangs it should be low enough to create a focal point, but high enough that it doesn’t interfere with daily activities or conversation.

4) Function

Your chandelier does not have to be the main source of lighting for the room. Wall sconces, lamps, or another overhead lighting source can also be part of the design plan. They don’t all need to match, as long as they complement each other.

5) Dimmers

A chandelier that radiates too much light can be uncomfortable for you and your guests. Being able to turn down the lights during intimate gatherings helps create excellent ambiance. Dimmers are a must.

Knowing How to Choose the Right Rustic Chandelier will help give any room a great lift.

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