Lighting Trends for 2017

Durango Wagon Wheel 7 Light Lantern Chandelier

Tired of the same old lighting around your home? Well, there’s no shortage of attractive options. By utilizing these lighting trends, you’ll look at your residence in a whole new light:

Update your interior illumination with these home lighting trends:

Industrial style lighting

One of the latest trends in lighting involves artistic use of old industrial metal to create unique light sources. Also called modern farmhouse, this parallels two other current trends in lighting – the use of metallic and gray finishes, and exposed bulbs.

M134 Rustic Forged Wall Sconce

Wall sconces

While not among new lighting trends, many interior designers say they now install wall sconces at every residence. These include bright LED versions, or softer, more rustic sconces like the one above. Designers also say don’t worry about matching sconces with the rest of your lighting. Universal matching is out.

Bold kitchen pendant lighting

Until recently, slim and small pendant lights were all the rage in kitchens, but among the new trends in lighting is the utilization of large pendant lighting. It’s a bold look with utilitarian function, another overlapping trend throughout the home.

Chandeliers in unfamiliar places

Whether traditional style or something uniquely decorative chandeliers are no longer limited to the entryway, dining room and living room. They’re now found above beds in master bedrooms and even in bathrooms above the tub. Try going for a decorative chandelier for more of unique rustic look.

Use of geometric shapes

These days, you find more and more lighting with geometric features. With these, the imagination’s the limit. Spherical, hexagonal and cylindrical light fixtures adorn entryways, living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and virtually every area of the home.

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