Lighting Your Home for Holiday Gatherings

Lighting Your Home for Holiday Gatherings

Lighting Your Home for Holiday Gatherings; are you ready for your holiday guests? Brighten your home with our custom, one-of-a-kind, lighting pieces. All of our Copper Canyon lighting is designed just for you.

Outdoor Lighting

To ensure your home has elegant curb appeal this holiday season, install custom lanterns to your outside garage door or entry way. This also makes your home more appealing to guests and adds to the security of your home.

Custom outdoor lighting can look elegant any time of the year. However, if you’re looking to make it a little more festive during the holidays, try switching out the usual bulbs for green and red.

Indoor Lighting

Lighting becomes particularly important once your family and guests are inside your home. Focus on the rooms where you tend to host parties and family gatherings, such as the living room, family room and dining room. But don’t forget other spaces, like the entryway and powder room.

Throughout the home, dimmed lamps, overhead lighting, string lights, and candlelight can help create a festive mood.

Using lighting both creatively and strategically will ensure that your rooms are filled with the perfect balance of drama and cheer for the holidays. Set your table with a rustic chandelier above your Thanksgiving table. Have your guests admire a custom rustic chandelier from our western lighting collection.

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