Outdoor Light Dimmers and Timers

Outdoor Light Dimmers and Timers

Dimmers and timers aren’t just for inside. Check out the benefits and selection of our Outdoor Light Dimmers and Timers.

Outdoor Light Dimmers and Timers do more than just add convenience (of course, that alone makes them worthwhile). Having lights on timers adds safety to the home when you’re there or away. And dimmers allow you to create just the right mood for your space and event. We are partial to our Copper Canyon collection as they have been designed and made locally, and are dimmer/timer compatible. Here are a few of our favorites.

Wall Sconces

These will probably be the fixture used the most for outdoors. We love the versatility and customization options of our Copper Canyon Wall Sconces. For certain areas choose one that illuminates both upwards and below. These can be used to lighten a dark space or highlight any beautiful features of your home. Keep lights out front brighter and make sure to adjust the timer as the seasons change. Sconces around the backyard can be dimmed appropriately for any occasion. And with so many different customization options (fishing, animals, hammered ironwork) there is something for every style.

Ceiling Fans

It is warming up and an outdoor fan doesn’t have to be a luxury. Just like our sconces the Copper Canyon Ceiling Fans have many customizable features and can be operated with a handy remote.

Post Lights

These are especially useful on timers because they are sometimes away from the house. One of our Copper Canyon Post Lights is sure to please you and help make your space charming and cozy.

It is important to “study” your home during different times of day and map out a lighting plan that fits your lifestyle. Also, with any of the above options, having fun playing with different types and colors of light bulbs. If we can be of any help with your Outdoor Light Dimmers and Timers please give us a call! 800-275-5482

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