Outdoor Lighting Ideas for 2018

Outdoor Lighting Ideas for 2018

These Outdoor Lighting Ideas for 2018 can turn your ordinary yard into an alluring extra area for you and your guests.

Warmer weather will be here soon and now is the time to consider some new Outdoor Lighting Ideas for 2018. Going beyond basic porch lights can transform your yard into something magical. Kiva Lighting has some tips to consider before making the change from ordinary to alluring.

Use Your Space

Walk your yard and develop a plan for how you want each space to be used. An area used for dining will require different lighting than a back porch used for stargazing.

Cover Your Basics

While outdoor and landscape lighting have gone beyond basic safety measures (avoiding trips, etc) it is important to still include these in your plan. Ensure that the paths, entry, and any steps are properly lit. But also include any features you want illuminated such as trees, shrubs, a water feature, or architectural aspects of your home that you love.

Consider LED’s

Not only do these light bulbs and lights last longer than halogen or other types, but they tend to be more durable as well. And unlike halogen lamps, LEDs can be dimmed.

Adjustments/Placements for Night

It is impossible to know what lights will look like at night, during the day. Take the time to plan placement and make adjustments while it’s dark out.

Use Timers and Dimmers

A one wattage approach will fall short of giving your home it’s full lighting potential. Dimmers can make these adjustments easy. For a seating or dining area it is nice to be able to adjust the level of brightness, depending on the activity taking place. And who doesn’t love to come home to the warm glow of lights that were put on a timer? Its welcoming and safer too!

Ultimately, it’s not just about adding more lights but adding the right lights in the right places with the right level of glow. You want to highlight but not overwhelm any one particular area. If the whole property lighting makeover seems daunting, start with the area that you think you will use the most.

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