Rustic Wedding Lights

Rustic Wedding Lights

One of the most important details for a rustic wedding is the lighting. We have some wonderful options for your Rustic Wedding Lights.

The rustic wedding theme has gone beyond trendy to take its place as one of the most sought after decor options. Some of the must haves for the rustic look are a picturesque barn or outbuilding, plenty of austere details, and of course the right lighting! Kiva Lighting has plenty of beautiful options to both anchor and accentuate the perfect rustic wedding.

As a center focal point for your event the Copper Canyon Old Colorado Wagon Wheel Lantern Chandelier is a wonderful choice. These beautiful pieces of history are authentically styled from vintage kerosene lanterns, and hand-painted in our most popular finishes.

To highlight the guest tables consider the Kenroy Old West Mining Pendant. It comes in a charming antique copper finish that is lovely against natural and dark woods. And the glass bottom will cast a beautiful glow on the tables below. Also, this piece is currently on sale!

The Vaxcel Antler Table Light would look very charming above the wedding party table. Ribbon, twinkle lights, or flowers could be added in the wedding colors to make it even more festive.

Since many rustic weddings involve posts of some kind, the Craftmade Chaparral Post Head would be a great choice to decorate them. It features seeded champagne glass for a classic look. And the popular star motif adds the quintessential rustic feel.

These are just a few of the Rustic Wedding Lights available on our website. The right lighting is a very important part of any occasion, but for a wedding it is absolutely essential. The rustic look is inviting and warm, and your guests will love the charming, cozy feeling from the perfect Rustic Wedding Lights.

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