Small Entryway Lighting

KVLK515 Pendant Lighting

With Small Entryway Lighting, you can accomplish a lot even in a small space. The entryway or foyer is a key spot for making a first impression. Use your Entryway Lighting to provide a welcoming and warm space for your guests.

Here are some factors to consider when choosing Small Entryway Lighting

Scale first and foremost. Is this a single-height space or double-height? How is it furnished? Are there mirrors or art? What are the vistas beyond? And lastly, what are the visual cues to keep visitors moving into the next room?

Warmth in a light source is a sign of hospitality and provides a warm welcome.

There is no right or wrong way to choose the correct type of lighting. You are solving a problem and keeping in mind the function and aesthetics of the space. Table and floor lamps may be enough for lighting your entryway. But if you want a more bold look, you can choose to have a pendant. Ceiling lights and coordinating scones are very popular in small entryway lighting.


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