Dark Sky Lighting

There is growing awareness of “Dark Sky Lighting,” this is the amount of light pollution created by standard fixtures. The amount of light produced at night in even small towns by street lights, signs, and especially residential lighting creates a glow in the sky that blocks out stars.

How to Improve Dark Sky Lighting

Dark Sky approved lighting minimizes this problem by allowing the light to only shine down and limiting the amount shining forward and to the sides of the light. Different cities, counties and states have their own guidelines as to the amount of light allowed. The most restrictive requires down light only with no light at all coming from the top, sides or front. The more typical standards allow some light to show through the front and side design.  The light for decorative and safety purposes, but it must be filtered so that the bulb elements are not visible.

Many of our lights come standard this way or can be custom modified to fit this criteria. For example, down light only requirements can be met by adding a solid metal contrasting liner behind the designs.  This helps lights attractive during the day, but stops light at night. Additional filtering liners can often be added to many lights to hide the bulb while still allowing some light to illuminate the front of the light. Every model is different so please call us for specific information.  As a full service lighting design and manufacturer, we can make or modify most fixtures to meet your needs.


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