Best Ways to Light Your Bathroom

Best Ways to Light Your Bathroom

For many households, the bathroom is a sanctuary. It is one of the few private spaces in the home. Make the most out of your bathroom spaces by installing beautiful light fixtures.

Ideally, bathroom lighting will include a combination of lights to give the best ambiance: task lighting, ambient lighting and decorative lighting.

Best Ways to Light Your Bathroom

Task Lighting

The bathroom should include a good-sized mirror.  A mirror should typically be over the sink, which is illuminated with task lighting. Task lighting should be relatively bright, and put out between 75 and 100 watts of illumination.

If possible, avoid installing a light fixture directly above the mirror, as it will create the appearance of shadows under the eyes, nose and chin. These shadows make grooming tasks more difficult and can create the impression that people are older than they really are.

A pair of sconces mounted on either side of the mirror at eye level provides illumination while minimizing shadows. This kind of lighting is ideal for shaving, brushing teeth, fixing hair, applying makeup and other grooming tasks that are performed in the bathroom.

Ambient Lighting

In addition to task lighting near the bathroom mirror, bathrooms should include ambient lighting to fill in for natural light. The lighting of this sort is typically supplied by a central light fixture. Although most bathrooms include a ceiling-mounted fixture to provide ambient light, you can use pendant lighting or a chandelier to create a unique look in your bathroom.

If the bathroom is large, make sure you include enough overhead light fixtures to provide adequate lighting. When done well, ambient lighting provides a soft glow in the room. It can be created with a variety of light fixtures, depending on the space.

Accent Lighting

Home décor can be fun, and the bathroom is no exception. Use accent lighting to showcase artwork or other neat features in your bathroom. Don’t be afraid to use bold decorative lighting to express yourself and add some whimsy or “sparkle” to the room.

Other Considerations

If you use overhead lighting in addition to task lighting, make sure the lights are on different switches to give people more control over the amount of light they use. Similarly, the bathroom fan should be on a different switch. If your bathroom contains a tub or Jacuzzi, you may want to consider dimmer switches to make the setting more relaxing.

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