Functional Lighting

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You will need Functional Lighting for different areas of your home, such as cabinets, counters and even sinks. The cost of these lights will vary depending on the type and size. Also, be sure to consider the number of people that will be working in the kitchen at the same time so that you can provide sufficient illumination for everyone.

Another bonus to kitchen functional lighting is that you can even minimize problems and accidents in the kitchen by installing the proper functional lighting. Not only does is add to the safety of your home, but your kitchen will also look even more welcoming and presentable with decorative functional lights.

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Types of functional Lighting:

TASK LIGHTING or work lights are always needed in the kitchen. These will provide sufficient illumination to the area where important tasks are done such as cutting, chopping, baking or washing dishes. The kitchen environment will significantly improve with the presence of 2 or more task lights. During the day, make use of available natural lighting along with a few task lights for the required kitchen work.

AMBIENT LIGHTS are secondary lights that will provide enough illumination to support the task lights, as well as make the kitchen look more dramatic. These are lights that come from other sources, such as the refrigerator lights, recessed mood lights or lights from a television screen or other similar devices.

FEATURE LIGHTING is the use of decorative lights that will showcase important elements in the room. For example, a uniquely shaped kitchen counter or a beautiful granite sink. The number of feature lights necessary will depend on the size of the area and the available task lights. Feature lights can come in many forms like a halogen bulb or a spotlight.

TRACK LIGHTING will provide enough illumination in other parts and features of the kitchen, such as cabinets, corners, and nooks. These can come in the form of halogen lamps, incandescent lamps, and fluorescent lights. There are several types of fixture that let you focus light and as needed.

The connectors come in different shapes so that lights can be arranged in a specific manner. There are also units that serve as mood lights or general lights. The track lights should be placed on the sides of the fixtures to provide you with enough illumination.

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