The Four Types of Lighting Every Home Must Have

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Let Kiva Lighting give you “The Four Types of Lighting Every Home Must Have.”  We have all felt it when we’ve entered a room. A well-lit home makes people feel comfortable. Here are the four types of lighting that, when combined effectively, can give a room “wow” factor.

The Four Types of Lighting Every Home Must Have

1 – Ambient lighting. This type of lighting illuminates the room, providing a comfortable level of light.  This allows people to move around safely. Every room should have a central source of ambient lighting. Sconces, pendants and chandeliers provide ambient lighting.

2 – Task lighting. Task lighting is used to illuminate areas to make them appropriate for detailed work, such as reading, writing, cooking or playing board games. Task lighting may be used over kitchen counters, bathroom sinks or in other areas of the home or office in which directed lighting is necessary. Pendant light fixtures and track lighting are ideal sources of direct lighting.

3 – Accent lighting. If you have artwork, sculptures or unique features in your home that you would like to highlight.  You can use accent lighting to draw attention to these features. Track lighting and wall sconces are effective sources of accent lighting that draw the eye to a certain area of the room.

4 – Natural lighting. When you are determining which types of light fixtures to include in a room.  It is vital that you consider the amount of natural lighting that will be present in the space. Natural lighting not only includes sunlight that comes in through the windows, it also includes the light given off by candles and fireplaces. The type and quality of natural light changes depending on the season, weather, time of day and the location of the room.

Using lighting to enhance the feel of a room takes a lot of consideration. Factors such as room size, paint color and natural lighting can make it difficult to find.  The perfect combination of light fixtures to give the room the desired feel.


We understand how overwhelming it can be to select the proper light fixtures. Our trained sales staff enjoys helping customers select the light fixtures that best meet their needs. Browse our extensive inventory of customizable fixtures to accent every room.

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