Log Cabin Lighting

Cedarcrest Chandelier Ceiling Fan

Carefully chosen log cabin lighting can lighten charming but often dark log cabin rooms. If you plan ahead, you can create an inviting living space in your log cabin home.

The best time to think about log cabin lighting is before the home is built. Some options can be added easily at any time, such as floor lamps. Other fixtures require more forethought. Because running electrical wires through log walls and ceilings can be complicated, the most economical way to do it is when you are building. Waiting until after the cabin is built can be very expensive.

Are you imagining fans with lights in the cathedral ceiling? Do you want pendant lights over your kitchen island? Add that to your design ahead of time to make sure there is adequate space for your chosen light fixtures and that the electrical wires to them, and their switches, can be put in place (and out of sight) while your home is under construction.

This is also the time to think about the original home light source, windows. A wall of windows not only lets you enjoy the view but brightens up what could be an otherwise dark room. Natural light should not be underestimated.

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